Members of LIUNA are experienced Construction Craft Laborers that rely on a diverse set of skills, performed on a wide variety of jobsites. LIUNA members build roads, bridges, tunnels, transit, water, and energy systems as well as work on building, demolition, and renovation projects.

LIUNA journey workers often go on to earn advanced certifications—building their careers as construction supervisors, safety officers, or training instructors.  

Training and Skills

LIUNA Training is a gateway to a career path. Members are skilled in general construction, concrete placement, roadway construction, site preparation, pipelaying, erosion control, hoisting and rigging, OSHA safety, permit-required confined space, rough terrain forklift operation, trenching and excavation safety, erecting turbines, and solar panel installation. 

Pay and Benefits

Working with LIUNA, members have opportunities for advancement and a ladder to the middle-class. As union members, members enjoy great pay and benefits including wages that grow with your skills, health care, and a pension.