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What We Do

Members of LiUNA are experienced Construction Craft Laborers (CCL) that rely on a diverse set of skills, performed on a wide variety of job sites.

• LiUNA members build roads, bridges, tunnels, transit, water, and energy systems as well as work on building, demolition, and renovation projects.

• Members assist in the construction and maintenance of power plants and substations, dig trenches for lines, and repair roads after line installation, and build supporting infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines.

• Members are skilled in general construction, concrete placement, roadway construction, site preparation, pipelaying, erosion control, hoisting and rigging, OSHA safety, permit-required confined space, rough terrain forklift operation, trenching and excavation safety, erecting turbines, and solar panel installation.

Success Stories

“Construction gives me the freedom to do the hands-on work I love. Being in LiUNA gives me the working stability my family deserves.”

“I’m professionally trained, I’m certified and I have no college debt. I’m a construction professional and a proud LIUNA member.”

“As a LIUNA construction laborer, I earn as I learn. I receive state-of-the-art training, great wages and benefits. “

"Two years after high school I owned a house and a new truck while most of my friends were racking up college debt or working minimum wage jobs. Becoming a construction laborer with LIUNA was the best decision I ever made.”

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